The Best Restaurants in ColumbusWe have all been asked the same question and faced the same dilemma: “What do you want for dinner tonight?” And, it is just as likely as our answers have mirrored those of a million more: “I do not know. What do you want?” And so, the back and forth begins. But what if you are craving delicious, flavorful fried chicken? Or a sure-enough Gulf of Mexico southern seafood? Maybe you are just hoping for a great beer to go with a hand-pressed burger? Any idea where you would find that? Here are a few of the best of the best restaurants in Columbus. If they are already on your favorites list, keep reading – you just might find a new favorite, too.

First things first – where are you going to find that amazing fried chicken? We encourage you to visit Hot Chicken Takeover. Sure, the chicken is amazing – a light, crispy crunch that is not overdone, thereby ensuring a delicious flavorful bite, but it is the sides that are inspiring. Southern slaw – that sure-enough-tart-but-sweet-but-tasty coleslaw that one must “master.” He might learn how to make it, but until he masters it? Well, it is just slaw. And the mac and cheese – it is heavenly. A light pasta with a golden cheese sauce that comes to rest on and under and between – it is perfection. This is what a southern grandma would call “jest ‘bout right.”

And speaking of the south – what is better than a fresh, lightly breaded Florida-fresh grouper done in a way that would make New Orleans proud? A great beer, that is what! You’ll find it all – and much more – at Black Point Prime Steakhouse and Seafood restaurant. The chefs are all about a delectable and carefully prepared sauces and seasonings for the seafood. It requires subtlety – and Black Point has it.

Another favorite with the locals is Standard Hall. This casual eatery invites you to come as you are and bring your buddies, too. Whether it’s a weekend brunch (served between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the weekends) or you are hungry for something filling, you are going to find one of the most versatile menus anywhere in Columbus. You’ll enjoy Happy Hour and don’t forget the favorite $5 Burger Night – it’s a crowd pleaser for sure. Make no mistake – it is all homemade, just like Mom used to serve. And, too, just like Mom, these chefs know that the freshest ingredients make the tastiest dishes. From the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich to the fantastic assortment of fresh toppings for the homemade pizza, complete with hand stretched dough, you are going to find yourself coming back for more.

Columbus is home to some amazing chefs who create perfection on a plate day after day. Come and see for yourself the kind of pride that drives the restaurants and eateries in the city of Columbus, OH. If you are already a local, take a leap of faith and try something new – you are not going to be disappointed.