bigstock-Business-meeting-in-an-office-21258410January 11, 2009

As an immigration attorney, I view my job as a partnership arrangement with my clients. Each non-immigrant visa that I process, be it an H-1B visa or otherwise, or a green card for that purpose, is truly a joint venture between myself and my client that I am servicing. Since we are coming up on the 2009 H-1B visa cap season, I believe that I should focus on describing the best possible partnership I, or any H-1B lawyer in our firm, could have with the employer and the employee; a partnership that would yield the best result for all parties concerned.

In our Columbus, Ohio office, (the same goes for our Cleveland, Ohio, Washington, D.C, or Michigan offices) our clients utilize our online immigration case management system that we designed called, VisaTurbo to inform us about new H-1B visa cases. In other words, employers do not have to call our office to let us know that they need to process a dozen new H-1B visas, rather, they go into their secured accounts and add all of the necessary information about the identity of the prospective international employees that they would like join their company on H-1B visas.

From that point, the partnership begins. VisaTurbo sends the immigration attorney in our office an automated e-mail letting him/her know that a dozen of employees have been added for H-1B visa processing. The H-1B attorney assigned to the particular employer immediately contacts the prospective employees to provide them with their passwords to enter VisaTurbo and input all of the information that the H-1B visa attorney needs to get the H-1B Visa processed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Here are the steps that the employee must carefully undertake in order for the H-1B visa attorney obtains the desired result:

  • Input Information in the “Profile” – The prospective employee is asked to populate the fields in the several tabs including: personal, contacts, visa stamping history, I-94, entry/exit dates, passport, education and employment biographic information. Please bear in mind the partnership approach our office deals with these types of visas: be precise, be complete, be efficient, and include as much information as possible. I always tell my clients “give me more information; don’t give me less.” Also please remember that the USCIS is interested in learning about your background and how you qualify for the H-1b position. Hence, this is the time for you to be as detailed as possible and provide as much descriptive profile as possible.There is another reason why you should be as detailed about your background, if you had held H-1b visa or status within the last 6 years, you may not need to apply towards the 2009 H-1B visa cap and you could qualify for H-1B visa portability. Another example: if you had obtained your Master’s Degree from the US, you are eligible for the 20,000 visas set aside and hence will have higher chances to be selected in the 2010 H-1B visa quota. There are countless reasons as to why you should be descriptive, deliberate, accurate and informative. Now you can begin to see what I mean by partnership: I need your information to put together the best case for you, you need me to represent you before the US Department of Labor and US Citizenship and Immigration Service.
  • Upload Your Documents – The next step that you need to be concerned with to help your H-1b visa lawyer get the best result for you is to upload your documents directly to VisaTurbo. Scan and upload your documents to your secured account in VisaTurbo thereby categorizing them and organizing them pursuant to the available categories that you could select from. Make it easier for your H-1B Visa Lawyer to find the documents easier by organizing them. Rarely do I hear it from my clients who grumble about having to scan their documents and spending the time to upload them, but remember these two facts: a) by uploading them your H-1B visa attorney has the documents instantly; there is no need to mail anything to the H1B visa lawyer. Hence, there is a huge advantage in uploading the documents from the time savings view point and time is money; b) and if you live outside the US there is a significant savings in time spent to copy, package and mail the documents not to mention the cost of the courier service. So, there is a savings in money as well; and c) don’t forget about the environment; by scanning and uploading your documents you kill less treas.

These are small things that really can help your H-1B visa immigration lawyers at Shihab & Associates, Co., LPA help you obtain the best possible result for your H-1B visa case.