bigstock-Immigrant-Families-On-The-Marc-5037855February 16, 2012

Mark Warner, a member of the United States Senate from Virginia, says he will look into concerns regarding recent H-1B denials to applicants from India.

Warner is the co-chair of the Senate India Caucus. This month he spent a week in the country as part of a Congressional delegation. During the trip Warner was informed that some Indian companies believe the percentage of H-1B visas denials in their country has been higher than other parts of the world.

Warner said that in response to the concerns he has recently introduced legislation which would examine the U.S. visa issue and take a look at providing green cards to foreign nationals who graduate from American universities and wish to work in the country.

Warner has said he’s in favor of removing the caps on H-1B visas and introducing “additional opportunities for Indian H-1Bs.”

We agree with Warner’s assessment of the issue. While it’s somewhat difficult to put your finger on the reason, clearly a shift took place in the last year that resulted in denials increasing substantially.

The explanation for this is likely due to frustration by the embassies and consulates in India which handle approximately one-third of these approvals worldwide. Workload and irritation with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) policy could mean an increase in denials.

Regardless of the reason, the loser here is American business. Visas like H-1B have become a political football and we’re seeing attrition in the work force. This damages business relationships.

The bottom line is we’re not serving the best interest of business in the U.S.