bigstock-Business-people-shaking-hands--13871435-1A work visa is a temporary privilege that grants foreign nationals, a person who is a citizen of any country other than the United States, to be employed inside the United States. There are several types of work visas available, and there are many factors to determine whether or not you qualify. You will most likely need the assistance of an L-1 visa law firm becuase the United States has a variety of endorse categories and strict conditions that foreign workers must meet in order to be granted a legal work status.

Types of Work Visas

  • H-1B Visa – If you are a professional, and you are sponsored by an employer in the United States, you may qualify for this type of visa. An H-1B type of visa can be valid for a period of six years. Initially this ratification is valid for three years and with a request for extension can be valid for an additional three years.
  • L-1A Visa – If you have worked at least one year within the last three years with a company as a manager or at the executive level you may qualify for this type of ratification if your company wishes to transfer you to one of it’s locations inside the United States. This type of ratification is initially granted for a period of three years and can be extended for a maximum of seven years.
  • L-1B Visa – In order to qualify for this type of ratification you must have specialized knowledge and or experience that the employer cannot reasonably replace. This type of Visa is granted for three years and can be extended for up to a five year maximum.
  • E1 and E2 Visa – If you are from a country that has a treaty with the United States government you may qualify for this type of visa. Some conditions for qualification are that you conduct substantial trade between your country and the United States, or that you direct and develop the operations for United States based enterprises that you have invested a substantial amount of capital in.
  • TN Visa – If you are a professional Mexican or Canadian national employed in the United States and meet qualifications under the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement you may qualify for this type of Visa. This type of Visa is usually valid for one year and can be extended by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service one year at a time with no limitations on the number of extensions you request.

Seeking Help

These are only a few types of work visas that you can apply for to gain the right to legally work in the United States. Each type of ratification requires strict guidelines that must be followed, with few exceptions granted. Every type of visa is limited in the time that it may be granted for and it is up to the person issued the ratification to provide all necessary documents and file for extensions when necessary to avoid having the visa expire. The only way to be absolutely sure that you are applying for the best type of work ratification for your circumstances is to seek the advice of a L-1A visa attorney. You will need to choose a L-1A visa lawyer that you are comfortable with, who is competent, and who possesses experience with United States immigration laws and policies.