Columbus HR General Counsel Attorney

columbus hr general counsel (with i-9 compliance) attorney

The experienced immigration attorneys at Sam Shihab & Associates offer I-9 compliance and general counsel services to HR professionals. I-9s may be scrutinized at any time by emigration authorities; federal officials annually conduct hundreds of investigations into employers’ immigration-related hiring practices. Hiring someone who is not qualified to work in the U.S. is a federal crime and a costly mistake for any employer. Today’s HR department faces a confusing maze of immigration-related employment laws, rules, and regulations; the immigration attorneys at Sam Shihab & Associates provide the general counsel services that HR departments need.


Companies operating in a 21st-century legal and economic environment can’t afford non-compliance. Fines can be stiff, and bad publicity can damage your business for years; if the violation is sufficiently severe, a business can be shut down. Our immigration lawyers help HR departments establish proficient I-9 compliance practices. If, despite your most vigilant compliance efforts, a surprise inspection or a charge of illegal hiring requires a legal defense, the experienced immigration attorneys at Sam Shihab & Associates will develop the best possible defense and provide aggressive legal representation for you and your business.

Our immigration lawyers make sure their clients have accurate legal advice, and if necessary, we take appropriate legal action. Our comprehensive migration practice includes business and employment immigration and investment, trader, and work visas. We provide legal counsel in all matters relating to immigration law and immigration-related employment law. Our attorneys work hard to keep abreast of the latest twists and turns in the complex, always-evolving field of immigration law. Our team of skilled immigration attorneys is dedicated to achieving excellent results for you and for your business.


We have offices in Dublin and Columbus, Ohio and in Troy, Michigan, but we work for clients all over the globe. No matter where you are located, if you need help with I-9 compliance or HR general counsel services, contact Sam Shihab & Associates by phone or email today to discuss your particular legal needs and options.