Columbus Work Visa Lawyer

Columbus work visa lawyer

While a good immigration lawyer can help most employers overcome the usual barriers to immigration, there is never a guarantee that an H-1B visa or any other ratification will be granted to any particular employer. U.S.-based employers seeking to hire international workers for immediate, short-term hiring needs should consult an experienced Columbus work visa lawyer at Sam Shihab & Associates. Immigration authorities make a wide variety of visas available for different kinds of work and for different kinds of employees with different qualifications. Let an experienced ratification lawyer help you determine which work visa is right for you.


The right work visa depends on the proposed position and duties as well as an applicant’s qualifications. A number of visas are available to foreign nationals seeking work or responding to job offers in the United States. While the more “popular” visas include the H-1B, the E-1 and E-2, and the L-1A and L-1B, employers should not overlook these lesser-known visa categories:

  • Foreign national members of professional sports teams may qualify for a P-1 visa. The ratification is also available to stage entertainers who are part of a company or troupe. Usually, individual entertainers and athletes do not qualify for a P-1 visa unless they are joining their team or company after its arrival in the U.S.
  • The I visa is a short-term non-immigrant “media” authorization for journalists entering the U.S. strictly on a news or news-gathering assignment. Photographers, reporters, editors, directors, producers, and presenters may also qualify. I visas do not offer a path to permanent U.S. residency, and they are employer-specific, so I visa holders may not do freelance work in the United States.
  • The B-1 authorization is for those entering the U.S. to participate in business activities including but not limited to educational, professional, scientific, or business conventions or conferences; short-term training as a student or instructor; negotiating a contract, settling an estate, or consulting with business associates; or transiting through the United States.
  • The EB-1(c) visa was created for managers and executives who want to become lawful permanent residents in the U.S. The EB-1(c) visa offers an immediate green card without a two-year conditional period tied to job creation, and there is no investment required.
  • The R-1 visa is a short-term, nonimmigrant work ratification for those offered employment as religious workers in the U.S. If a person has been a member of a recognized religious organization for at least two years and has a job offer in the U.S. to work for an affiliate of that same organization, he or she may qualify. R-1 visas are usually granted for up to 30 months with one extension allowed for a maximum of five years.
  • The O-1 visa is available to foreign nationals who have demonstrated extraordinary skill or achievement in the fields of science, art, education, business, athletics, film, or television. To be considered “extraordinary,” an individual must demonstrate that he or she is one of a small number of persons at the top of their field or profession.


A number of other work visa options are also available depending on your hiring needs. To learn more about immigration-related employment and the full range of available work visas, employers should promptly contact an experienced Columbus work visa lawyer with Sam Shihab & Associates.