Columbus L1A Visa Attorney

The L1A visa is a nonimmigrant visa intended for employees currently assigned to foreign business offices who need to enter the U.S. for the reason of an intra-company transfer. To qualify for an L1A visa, both the employing business and the employee must meet certain requirements.

The employee who will be transferring to the U.S. office of a qualifying business must have been employed by the business for at least one year within the three years just prior to entering the country on an L1A visa. Further, the employee must be entering the U.S. in order to serve in a management or executive capacity on behalf of his or her employer.


To qualify as a qualifying business for the purpose of transferring employees from foreign offices to those located in the U.S., the business entity will also have to meet some requirements. The U.S. office where the employee will be transferred must be a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of a foreign company. Also, the company must intend on doing business in the U.S. and in at least one other country for as long as the employee’s visa will remain in effect. It is not required that these companies be engaged in international trade, only that they be involved in legitimate business practices in the countries where the offices are located.


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