Columbus Same-Sex Couple Immigration

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Immigration into the United States is always fraught with difficulties, and if you’re committed to a partner of the same sex, it can be even more convoluted and nerve-wracking. In 2013, as you probably know, the United States Supreme Court cleared a path for immigrants married to partners of the same sex. While nothing now blocks U.S. citizens and green card holders from filing for immigration benefits for their same-sex spouses, you’ll still need the help of a good immigration lawyer. The dedicated immigration attorneys at Sam Shihab & Associates have extensive experience helping one or both partners in same-sex marriages with the various and unique immigration problems they face.


Foreigners married to U.S. citizens of the same sex may now legally enter or remain in the United States. Same-sex spouses may also act as qualifying relatives for inadmissibility waivers (I-212, I-601, and I-601A), cancellation of removal proceedings, and requests of prosecutorial discretion. But while married same-sex couples are now entitled to the same immigration rights that other married couples have always enjoyed, these rights are granted only to same-sex couples who married in a state, nation, or other legal jurisdiction that recognizes such marriages. For immigration purposes, even legally recognized civil unions and domestic partnerships are not treated as the equivalent of marriage. Partners in civil unions and domestic partnerships are not eligible for derivative visas, but the experienced immigration attorneys at Sam Shihab & Associates can provide sound legal advice to these couples about a variety of other immigration options.


Immigration is always a complicated process, and same-sex immigration law is still evolving and developing. To best serve our clients, we diligently strive to stay abreast of each new development in the complex, always-evolving field of immigration law. The experienced immigration attorneys at Sam Shihab & Associates provide legal guidance in all matters relating to same-sex couple immigration, naturalization, visas, and employment. We have offices in Dublin and Columbus, Ohio and in Troy, Michigan, but we serve clients around the world. No matter where you are located, contact Sam Shihab & Associates by phone or by email today to discuss your immigration needs and options.